Psychoses Menstruelles

2018 - now

Hand embroidered one of a kind, part of the collective “Psychoses Menstruelles” (“Menstrual Psychoses”) on the theme of menstruation.
Through these creations, it is also a new feminine, the “Solar Fire”, which is reinterpreted and honoured here.
Each piece is provided with its certificate of authenticity.
On the same theme were created the embroidered pussies.

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Psychoses Menstruelles

The collective "Psychoses Menstruelles" ("Menstrual Psychoses") was born from the will of 6 artists, but above all 6 friends, Noémie Barsolle, Ma Blondiau, Fabesko, Malak, Sisca Locca and Peggy Van Reeth, with different cycles, characters and convictions, to have fun exchanging and working together around the theme of menstruation. A theme that is at the same time common and distinct to them. Far from didacticism or feminist claims, "Psychoses Menstruelles" proposes to shed light on this aspect of women's lives, which is often taboo. Each exhibition is also an opportunity to support "Bruzelle vzw", which collects pads and distributes them to vulnerable women.
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