- Malak
Rather curious, Malak is a trained Art Director and a versatile artist who likes to juggle with different kind of media. Whether it's photography (film & digital) or cooking (quite an art), in winter it's more like embroidery by the fire (or by the radiator), through which she likes to tell stories or reproduce symbols using her multicoloured and somewhat magical threads. Malak embroiders like a "Sigil" would be consecrated, using some kind of magic in each one of her embroideries.
  • - About Hokaku 捕獲
  • Hokaku 捕獲 means "Capture" in Japanese. Capture of passing time, of stolen moments... Because a simple object can tell a story and hold many memories, a simple cup, left on the terrace of a café, became the witness of its owner's emotions. Until a waitress cleared the table. The cup then returns to its original place among the others and becomes anonymous again. Hokaku is the capture of that unique moment, the one where the object still vibrates of the energy of the one who touched it. In one click, I have captured this energy. In one click, time no longer exists and it has been materialized on the film.
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  • - History
  • Created in 2003, originally Hokaku hosted my series of Polaroid and Holga photos, at the time when instant and argentic photography found amateurs. We are in 2020, and after a few years of rest, Hokaku comes back to life with new personal creations, and new things such as embroidery that I like since 2016 and that I exhibit with my friends of the collective "Psychoses Menstruelles" (Menstrual Psychosis). #Psychoses Menstruelles